Essential Protective Gear for Extreme Downhill Mountain Biking

Extreme downhill mountain biking is a sport that is not for the fainthearted. It’s a popular sport among extreme athletes and is recognized as one of the most dangerous forms of mountain biking. Those who participate in extreme downhill mountain biking describe it as mentally stimulating, physically challenging and a pure adrenaline rush.

When engaging in such extreme activities as downhill mountain biking, wearing protective gear is absolutely essential. Imagine speeding downhill through a rocky and rough terrain and you can immediately foresee the disastrous consequences of an unprotected fall. While your protective gear cannot guarantee complete protection, they give you the best chance of walking away from a fall or an accident unharmed.

When it comes to extreme downhill mountain biking, choosing the best and the right type of protective gear will offer the best kind of protection. Here are the essentials that you need to consider:

Full Face Helmet

Because the perils of extreme downhill mountain biking are a lot more severe, the usual open face mountain biking helmet will not give sufficient protection from the type of falls that you may encounter. What you should use instead is a full face mountain bike helmet.

A full face helmet is similar to motorcycle helmets without the full face visor. It protects not just the head but also the chin and the face. Although not as lightweight or as cool as your usual bike helmet, these helmets offer the best protection against the aggressive nature of extreme downhill mountain biking.


Protecting your eyes is another thing you need to pay attention to when downhill mountain biking. Twigs, bugs, mud, dirt, water, wind, the glare from the sun and small rocks can all hit you in the face and cause visibility problems and even injury to unprotected eyes. A non fog goggle will give you some amount of protection agains the elements and in case of falls.


Gloves are helpful in maintaining control over your mountain bike, which is crucial in downhill mountain biking. The smallest wrong turn and create disastrous consequences in this extreme sport. Even if you have sweaty palms, wearing gloves can make sure your hands will continue to expertly grip and maneuver the handles.

Gloves will also protect your hands from cuts in the even of a fall. In a fall, it is instinctual for us to use our hands to cushion our fall against the floor. Without gloves, our hands may suffer lots of cuts and bruises.

Knee and Shin Pads
Knee and shin pads protect you knee and your shin from injury during a fall. In a fall, remember that you can get hurt from the surface where you land, as well as from your bike when it lands on you. Hard capped knee and shin pads offer protection for your skin, nerves and your bones.

Body armor jackets

A body armor jacket protects the upper part of your torso from injury during falls. They are usually made of lightweight material and features padding and hard caps in strategic places. They are designed to offer most protection to our spine, chest and abdomen.

Fitness Programs

Using exercise bikes is a great way to get in shape all by themselves, but sometimes we may want a little something extra to supplement our workout such as a fitness program.  This can come in a number of different forms such as changing our eating habits, living healthier, or having a number of different tools to give us the body we want.  A weight loss program may be just what we are looking for to help speed up our journey to our goals.  We could always see a nutritionist or get on one of those diet programs that we see on the television every day, but those can be expensive and we are all trying to cut costs right?  Well, here are a few diet programs we have found that won’t stress the pocket book quite as much and still provide a solid program to help with losing weight.  Take a look at these diet and fitness programs if you are interested in doing that little “extra”.

Truth About Abs Fitness Program

The Truth About Abs Fitness Program is one of the more popular fitness programs that focuses on getting your abdominal muscles in shape.  This program was created by Mike Geary who is well known as an expert in the field on health and fitness.  This fitness program offers a new approach to getting your abs that “six-pack” look.  Truth About Abs is a complete guide to a health living style in addition to toning and cultivating your muscles to achieve optimal performance while enjoying this fitness program.  The total body workout and diet guidelines contained in the Truth About Abs program is truly one of the more comprehensive programs you will find on the market.  Combining this program with your exercise routine give you exactly what you want…a better body and healthier living lifestyle.

Fat Burning Furnace Fitness Program

The Fat Burning Furnace Fitness Program is developed and supported by Rob and Kalen Poulus.  This diet program is meant for those of us who like to eat what we want while still losing weight.  The theory behind this diet program is that it teaches us when to eat and what is best to eat at certain times of the day.  One of the better aspects of this weight loss fitness program is that it doesn’t require massive amounts of exercise or starving oneself to achieve our dietary goals.  This is a blessing to those of us that have been on similar diets.  Using this in conjunction with your normal exercise routine will greatly enhance the benefits of what exercise or Fat Burning Furnace can accomplish on their own.

24/7 Fat Loss Fitness Program

The 24/7 Fat Loss Diet Plan is a system designed to allow your body to burn fat at all times.  This means that you will be required to do less to lose weight at a rigorous pace.  Your body will continue to burn calories even after you stop working out.  The 24/7 Fat Loss plan gives us a method to do our workout and still lose weight…even while we sleep!  This is accomplished through a strategic method containing four basic concepts.  These concepts contained in the 24/7 Fat Loss program include optimized nutrient combining, carb syncing, strategic overfeeding, and metabolic resistance training.  If the steps are followed, the creators are confident you will be very pleased with the results of the 24/7 Fat Loss program.

The Diet Solution Fitness Program

The Diet Solution Fitness Program is a more traditional course that is meant to teach you how to eat on a consistent basis to help make living healthy a part of your life.  This diet plan was developed by Isabel De Los Rios.  She is someone with first-hand knowledge of what it is like to struggle with your weight.  She designed the Diet Solution Fitness Program with a goal of teaching you how to change your lifestyle to enhance your chances of living a long and health life.  She provides a number of tools to help you accomplish your fitness goals such as meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.  You may find yourself somewhat amazed at the golden nuggets you can find and how tasty some of the dishes are.  The Diet Solution is very good at giving you the opportunity to improve your health for a sustained period of time.

Tips on Picking the Right Office Chair

A recent study carried out in South Africa found that a well made office chair can help reduce a worker’s back pain and increase his focus. The objective of this study was to highlight the importance of providing your office employees with high-quality chairs that can support their posture and also enhance their concentration. If you do not know which office chair is best for your employees below are tips to follow that will help you pick the right one for your staff.

Check on the lumbar support

Many office workers complain of back pains after sitting all day at work. An office chair that has lumbar support can help reduce this problem. Thus you should look for an office chair with this feature. Some lumbar designs have adjustable support allowing your employees fit their bodies on the seat comfortably.  Furthermore, you can find an office chair model with a firm control enabling the sturdiness or softness of the lumber support.

Choose a more adjustable seat

In addition to adjustable lumbar support, the seats you plan to purchase for your office workers should have various components they can easily alter to their body requirements. Everyone has a unique shape thus a standard arm length position, or chair height may help one but fail to support another. From the height, arm positioning and incline the best office chair has different adjustable features that enable a staff member to customize it to meet his physical requirement.

Breathability and comfort balancing

Fabric presents a discomfort problem to many office employees because some can make them feel too hot.  It is for this reason you should consider selecting a chair with a breathable fabric such as a mesh. However, while the chair’s back may provide this breathability, you should ensure that the seat will enable a steady flow of air and be comfortable. After all, to prevent aches and pains, a seat needs padding. However, some office chair designs do not have padded seat but still are comfortable to sit on for an extended period.

Option narrowing

Now that you’ve known what features to look for in an office chair, you can now narrow your search by looking for those with lumbar support, adjustability, breathability and comfort and choose from them.

Enquire for employee’s feedback

Supply your office staff with a list of office chairs you consider to purchase. Ask their thoughts of each chair they choose and why. The reason being they’ll be using them regularly.  They should be able to choose those that meet their needs.  Additionally, having a forum where they can provide their thoughts will help in ensuring their concerns have been heard.  Feedback from an employee does not have to direct your choice, but as you get a little insight as to what each employee needs it will help you make an informed decision.


With so many options available for office chairs.  Finding one that is right for your office employees may prove to be a difficult task. However, as you follow these tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and be able to choose office chairs that will be beneficial for healthiness and happiness of your staff.

Get an OEM Gateway Blu-Ray Drive for your laptop


A Blu-ray disc provides the opportunity to store greater amounts of data, and due to this fact it supersedes CDs and DVDs. The need to store larger files is becoming a requirement, especially due to pictures and movies which are being of higher quality. As a result, Blu-ray drives have been developed so as to cater for such Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray drives basically read Blu-ray discs, and are also able to record data onto them.

It is worth noting that most Blu-ray drives are able to cater for DVDs and CDs as well. This is technically referred to as backward compatibility. Amongst the various brands and manufacturers which have established a reputation in the field of computing hardware, there is the Gateway. This company provides various computer related products, of good quality and at competitive prices.

Amongst the various products developed and sold by Gateway there are the Gateway Blu-ray drives. These drives are known to be efficient, especially in terms of speed. The 6x Blu-ray drive is amongst the most popular on the market, because even though the speed for reading and writing is high, the efficiency provided is reviewed to be positive by several customers.

The Gateway Blu-ray drive series also have the advantage of being rather slim in design. Physically speaking this is beneficial in terms of portability. The design is also sleek and complements the layout of a computer tower well, especially for those computer users who give importance to the outer facade of the system.

Gateway Blu-ray drives also work well with other computer systems as long as basic requirements are met, however compatibility does not seem to be much of a problem with this brand. Furthermore the video resolution provided and the storage capacity that is supplied are also known to be very good. Video resolution is in fact considered to be of very good clarity through customers’ reviews and comments.

How to use different types of trimmers

Being included in one of the best gardening tools, string trimmers are not just helpful in trimming but also allow users to remove or edge grass and weeds in rocky places where mowers are not so effective. However, the main job is how to choose an ideal trimmer.

Trimmers work in the way their names imply. They are equipments that utilize whirling plastic strings so that it can easily work to trim and cut weeds. Although, there are a number of plastic string textures and thickness, most the models can perform limited work and compliment certain types of requirements.

Basically, there are three types of string trimmers what suit certain types of tasks and enable customers to work on specific weeds. Following are the three kinds:

Cordless string trimmers

These types of trimmers are portable, durable and low priced. They are amazingly ideal for almost all types of trimming and edging requirements as they allow users to go wherever they want and work in the way they want. These trimmers are less expensive compared to gas operated trimmers.(Read more)

They are also environmentally friendly as they are powered by battery and let customers to even carry it to their desired place. These trimmers provide same mobility like you will find in gas powered models having benefits to overcome the dependency over fossil fuels. Latest models available in the market are rechargeable that allow users to recharge them whenever they want.

Since these trimmers are battery powered, light in weight and portable, they can effectively help to do basic weed and grass trimming tasks. Sometimes, users will have to take additional battery packs in order to ensure there will not be any hurdle during their task.

Corded string trimmers

Corded weed trimmers are usually less expensive as compared to cordless. The models are provided with less than three amperes power supply that is particularly ideal for small areas having normal weeds to edge or trim.

Versions available with three amperes power is usually strong enough to work on large areas however, do not work efficiently to cut the brush. The truth behind being called corded is that they always require access to electric outlets and contain a long cord to get power and work on the desired place.

Gas powered trimmers

This kind of trimmer is available with four cycle and 2 cycle models. The two-cycle gas powered trimmers have lots of power to work on normal as well as hard weeds. They can work on large yards as well. Most of the models feature separate throttle and choke controls in order to facilitate users with ease in operation.

The two-cycle engine string trimmers are especially suitable for people who wish to get more power within their affordable range. Some trimmers work with metallic blades and other types of attachments this making themselves versatile according to the customers’ needs and price charged.

You can use them to work on large areas for a comparatively shorter period of time. However, their use might seem to be daunting because they always need certain proportion of oil mixed with the gas.

Four cycle engine trimmers are declared to be actual power houses as they offer maximum strength to the users. They are good in looks, having large sizes and facility to reach any desired place. they operate on regular gas due to which, it is easier for most of the customers to buy and use them.

They run smoother as compared to two cycle engine trimmers and do not even produce much sound. These trimmers are versatile that consist of metallic blades for cutting.

After reading this complete buying guide, I am sure you would have got all the answer of your questions and now, it is recommended to immediately evaluate your needs, choose the best possible option and start trimming!

Steps to use string trimmers

String trimmers are among the powerful tools that work as per the requirements of their users-whether they want to trim grass or weeds and wish to edge sidewalks, driveways and areas around the fence. They are capable to certainly beat the hedge shears for edging and trimming.

Just like every other tool available in the market, the weed trimmers are available in three versions, consisting of battery powered cordless, electric corded and gas operated.

Every version needs to be handled with great care and if you are a novice and want to get some basic tips, then go ahead.

  1. Wear preventive clothing: It is the most essential thing to adopt while using a string trimmer. Since eyes are very delicate, you always have to wear protective glasses in order to avoid prevent them from potential damages. Even debris or small pieces of snapped line travelling with a speed of 200 or 300 MHP can cause serious injuries. Always dress yourself in heavy trousers instead of going with sandals or shorts as they will protect your legs from debris along with shoes made of steel soles and caps to avoid damages from nails, glass, metal or any other nasty item.
  2. Inspect area before trimming: Always check the surface of area you want to trim. Remove bits of metal, glass so that nothing can be caught by the trimmer’s line and your body will remain safe.
  3. Take care of the extension cords: Always be careful while dealing with an electric trimmer. Do not tangle with the cords because it might increase your hassle to work in the garden.
  4. Keep the bystanders safe: You should have to take care of people standing near you while trimmer is in operation. In this way, they will remain safe from debris flying in the air.

Buying a new road bike

Buying a new road bike can be a challenge for those who are just starting off and don’t know exactly what to look for in terms of parts or design. You will need some good tips on how to buy a bike that will last you a number of years without having to constantly repair it. You will need to first focus on the brand you are going to buy. Schwinn bikes are still very good ones to buy if you plan on using them more for recreation than racing. Even a beginner should know these things that can really help you out when you are online or in the store trying to figure out what you want to get. Knowing about all the specific parts like the crank, brakes, handlebar, and even pedals are critical to get a quality bike for you to ride.

There are many different kinds of road bikes you can choose from, and one consideration that you must give is the number of speed and gear settings. This means knowing the difference between a bike that has only one speed and a bike that has three or four. Being able to choose speeds at any given moment when you are riding means that you will be able to control your bike in such a way that you will be able to get to where you want faster or get a better overall workout. The same applies to bikes that have multiple gear settings. If you are riding on uneven or rocky terrain, on a hill or mountain for instance, then you will want to be able to choose from different gears. They give you the ability to keep your bike stable when the ground beneath you is not smooth like a road or sidewalk.

Of course checking out the breaks is another essential aspect of choosing your bike. Even a beginner must be aware of the importance that breaks hold in riding. Having good tight breaks means being able to stop or slow down when you need to. This can be especially critical if you are in a situation where applying your breaks is necessary in order to avoid injury. You never know what kind of situation you will encounter while riding, which is why it’s important to have as much control over your bike as possible.

The crank, which is the part on the bike that is responsible for connecting the pedals to the chain, is another important part in your bike. You have the option of getting either a double or a triple, and this can sometimes be a confusing decision to make. Even though most bikes come with only a double, a beginner will want a triple. You must take all of these different factors into consideration when buying your bike.

How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, congratulations! Hot tubbing is a great way to enjoy some therapeutic and luxurious fun.

The most important thing you need to know, in order to enjoy that hot tub, is how to take care of it.

It might seem tedious, but the first thing you should do when you get your hot tub is read the instruction & care manual. Understand its voltage requirements, safety and set-up procedures. You don’t want to learn those things by trial and error. Damaging your hot tub due to a lack of knowledge can be a costly mistake.

After you do your initial tub set-up and equipment check, be sure to clean, treat and check your hot tub parts to make sure everything is how it should be. Then, go ahead and fill your tub up!

Once your tub is filled, check to make sure there are no leaks. Once you’ve reviewed your user manual to ensure you know how the controls work, your hot tub is ready to be turned on! Check to make sure all of the controls & jets work. Keep in mind though, a hot tub can take anywhere from 7-27 hours to rise to the right temperature, based on the volume and voltage of your tub, and variables like the weather.

Before adding any sanitizers to your water, make sure the water in your tub is balanced. This will avoid the water becoming cloudy, discolored or foul. It will also help to maintain your equipment and clear, clean, healthy water. Once your water is balanced, it is ready for sanitizer. If your tub is indoors, ensure you have ventilation for the water and chemicals rising in the steam.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your hot tub is ready to be enjoyed!

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re dreaming of sitting in your hot tub for hours, sipping your favorite drink and soaking away, you might want to think again. Although a good soak is great, it isn’t healthy to stay in the tub for longer than 20 minutes at a time. It can present some health risks to your body and brain.

To get the most enjoyment out of your tub, get out of the tub every 20 minutes and let your body cool down for about 10 before you get back in. Don’t overheat your organs or get dehydrated.

As for those glasses of red wine, stick to one if you can’t avoid it. Alcohol combined with that hot steam can make you unusually light-headed and more prone to drowning, even in a hot tub. Drink water instead, to stay hydrated.

The best way to enjoy your tub-time is to have a rinse before you soak, so that you don’t bring dirt into the tub. Be careful not to slip on the wet surface as you enter or exit the tub.

Other than that, lean back and enjoy the soak for what it is.

21 Money Saving Tips for the Organic Gardener

Organic gardening has several benefits such as improving soil health and more importantly producing free of toxics food and veggies. There are several tips to start an organic garden on budget.

  1. Choose plants that can well adapt to the climate of growing zone. Therefore, there will not any special care needed.
  2. Make sure that the planting area is not contaminated with lawn fertilizers and chemicals.
  3. Choose plants that have high yields and thus higher cost benefits. For instance tomato is a plant with high yield.
  4. Grow plants from seeds instead buying them from store.
  5. Regrow vegetables such as lettuce, celery, green onion, and mushroom from scraps.
  6. Use mulch to reduce the watering expenses as it helps the soil retain water for a longer time. It has also some other benefits including improving soil fertility and preventing unwanted plants to grow which means less weeding. Spread over a thin layer of mulch such as leaves, hay, and wood chips on the soil.
  7. Use dried fallen leaves as additional mulch during winter which also insulates plants.
  8. Use your recycle bin and yard waste a free alternative for mulch. You can use sheets of used newspapers, grass clippings, or used straws to spread over on the soil surface.
  9. Use newspapers to make seed starting pots instead of spending money to buy them.
  10. Use old paper sheets or cardboard to cover plants and protect them from overnight freezing and frosts.
  11. Collect rain water into barrels and use it for watering plants.
  12. Use the water used for boiling or steaming vegetables to irrigate plants.
  13. Make a watering can from an used plastic jug.
  14. Use eggshells as fertilizer and a suitable source of calcium for plants. Crumble eggshells and spread them around the plants. They will decompose quickly as they have a high surface area to volume ratio.
  15. Bone meals are excellent fertilizers for tomato plants. Clean them first and bake them in the oven for three hours. Then grind them into powder and use as fertilizer.
  16. Use leftover vegetable scraps, grass clippings, dry leaves, and used paper to make compost.
  17. Use leftover tealeaves and ground coffees as nutritious source for acid-loving plants.
  18. Make pest spray by mixing hot soapy water with chopped garlic and hot pepper.
  19. Put some barrels of water in the garden to attract frogs and insect-eating birds.
  20. Flatware such as serving spoons and forks which are not used anymore can be used as suitable tools for working in a small garden.
  21. Use flat stones with different sizes to write the name of plants on them and making natural plant markers.

Avoiding the Seven Thousand Dollars Mistake

Be forewarned: motorcycles are designed to appeal to the heart, not to the brain. It is extremely easy to make a seven thousand dollar mistake purchasing a motorcycle. Conversely, it is just as easy to make a great purchase. If you avoid the most common mistakes and follow a dedicated methodology for selecting a motorcycle, you will select a fine machine that fits your needs well.


The worse purchase scenario goes something like this: you pass the storefront window of a local motorcycle dealer on a beautiful 82° day. Sunlight flashes off of the chrome fuel tank of a brand-new motorcycle which catches your eye. You stopped to admire the will groom lines and swept back for into one exhaust system. It’s hot! You’ve toyed with the idea of getting some sort of two wheeled transportation since you were four years old. Those passions are rekindled. There is no reason you can’t take your hard-earned money and by that bike. 10 min. later, you sign the papers and drive home a bike you know nothing about. Congratulations you made the most common mistake of motorcycle purchasing. You did not control your passions or use a little common sense.

Control Your Passions buying a motorcycle is made difficult by the simple fact that motorcycles are part utility, part away and part personal statement. The motorcycles that strike you, those that crippled the unprejudiced left side of your brain, are the ones that totally seduced the bestial right.

These are the ones that have all the sizzle designed into them by the marketing department. Don’t let the kernel and erotic override the cool, calm and collected. If you do, you will waste your money, and possibly your life. So motorcycles sell sizzle, some sell stake. Given today’s slick capabilities in one-piece injection molding plastic technology, there is at least a 50/50 chance that the bike that is best for you is not the one that strikes your fancy when you walk into the showroom.

Consider, for example, one of the most popular of today’s motorcycle styles, the café racer. These are sleek, low and potent looking machines. Usually they have a small “Café” faring, a “rider forward” seating position and are adorned by prominent decals proclaiming their manufacture and heritage.

You crave one of these. The author longs for the same reasons as you. These machines are stylish and often tremendous performers: 9 second quarter miles, 0 to 60 in five point five, face melting 140 miles an hour top in speed! A bike like this will make you an instant bad boy hero and broadcast to the world in no uncertain terms your sexual prowess.

Which one is the right for me?

Your primitive, instinctual self once a bike that is fast and looks fierce. But, assume you are purchasing the bike primarily for your “Roger Flannel” life consisting of short trips around the suburbs and a daily commute to work. These are not high-speed trips. Your instinct to fillings are not leading you towards a smart purchase.

Why is this bike not for Roger Flannel? The seating position causes you to lean forward. Much of your weight is supported by your wrists. Only during relatively speed highway riding can you settle comfortably. On a short trip, the eventual aching of your wrists from supporting your body weight will track you considerably from the pleasure of your ride. The rider forward position also makes it difficult to maneuver at slow speeds. Other bikes will better suit your needs (short trips and commuting) and your wants (performance and style). Off hand, other recommendation would be either a sport touring or dual-purpose bike.

Zero Turn Mowers vs Normal Riding Mowers

There are two styles of lawn mowers in the market, the conventional riding mower and the the zero turn lawn mower. Lets take some time to compare the two.

The conventional riding mower (or ride on mower) can take 4 to 28 inches to turn 180 degrees at the end of each directional cut, while the the zero turn mower can turns on the spot allowing you to get into tight spots. Using a zero turn mower will allow you to cut your grass quicker as you don’t need to go back over spots that you’ve missed with a conventional ride on mower.

There is of course a price difference – with convenience comes cost. The conventional rider is cheaper than the zero turn radius mower with prices ranging from $2,000 to $4,000. Zero turn mowers usually range in price from $3000 to $5000.

Another major difference between the two lawn mowers is the steering system . While the conventional riding lawn mower has a standard steering wheel, much like a car or tractor, the zero tun has two steering handles that separately control the two rear wheels. With the ZTR’s handle style steering, pushing one handle forward while pulling the other back will have you turning on the spot (thus the name zero turn!).

The handle steering does take a little getting used to, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll wonder how you ever cut grass on a standard rider.

You will also notice that most zero turn mowers have their blades positioned out in front. This means that you don’t have two front wheels flatting the grass before the blades have the chance to cut it. With ZTR’s you end up with a cleaner more even cut that on your standard rider.

When you decide to buy a zero turn mower, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer and choose one with a decent warranty.

We’re seeing more and more ZTM’s being bought domestically, which is great as prices seem to be coming down as their popularity goes up. Traditionally only used by well to do golf clubs, we’re seeing more and more people buying zero turn mowers for homes and rural properties.

Should you decide to spend that little bit extra and buy a zero turn lawn mower, you won’t regret it. Since I bought mine 12 months ago, I can’t believe how I ever lived without it. It’s reduced my lawn maintenance time by one third; I use less fuel and get the job done much quicker. The also looks better for it.