Stringing a Weed Eater the Right Way

If you are looking for a tool that can trim areas of your yard that a lawn mower cannot, then a weed eater is the ultimate solution. Not only it’s a handy trimmer but also chops off weeds in a couple of minutes. Like any other equipment, Weed eaters also require periodic maintenance though not costing too much on the owner because over a period of time its string eventually gets worn out due to knocking off with stones, rocks or bricks during its course of work. Stringing a weed eater can be quite intimidating but once you get the knack of it, it becomes the handiest garden tool ever!

Step 1 – Purchase the correct string

The first question arises, when does a weed eater need restringing? Well just when it is not trimming anymore it’s time to restring. The most important part is the purchase of a correct string size, which usually ranges between 0.065 inches to 0.095 inches, here you need to consult the manual because the size should be according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Inappropriate size can deteriorate the engine quickly.

For installation of a string of 300-900 feet length, loop it according to the arrows on the spool. Pre-loaded spools are also available in the market which cost a lot more but then it’s worth the time and effort you lend in.

Step 2 – Accessing the Spool

To access the spool its cover should be removed by pushing the lock inwards and turning the spool in a counter-clockwise motion. If a security ring is present it should also be removed. Now the last step in accessing the spool is to locate the automatic feed button and then remove it as well.

Step 3 – Releasing the Spool

Clean up your weed eater thoroughly as a lot of stuff might be stuck in it. Once you are done with the cleaning it’s time for releasing the spool. It is done simply by pushing it down to discharge the locking stubs, then take the spool out.

Step 4 – Setting up the string

Set up the string in the lower deck in an inverted “J” movement this will help to protect the end. Keep on wrapping it according to the arrows right till the top of the chamber. Lastly fix the string in the upper and lower grooves of the deck.

Step 5 – Fix the string

Place the spool back in its chamber. Poke the string into the left and right slits on the sides and fix the spool quickly and safely in its place. Lastly pull the ends of the string simultaneously to check if there’s a locking sound. If it is then place it back in. It is extremely important to secure the guard before putting your weed eater to use as it acts as a defense for you against flying debris or an accident in case of loose spool. A loose spool can shoot off and result in hazards so make sure that all parts are secured and in place before putting your weed eater to use.

These five simplified steps to string your weed eater will come in quite handy. Like every machine a weed eater also needs proper maintenance to work through years. However, if properly maintained, the equipment can go a long way in serving and easing our work load to a great extent.

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