How to Use Different Types of Trimmers

Being included in one of the best gardening tools, string trimmers are not just helpful in trimming but also allow users to remove or edge grass and weeds in rocky places where mowers are not so effective. However, the main job is how to choose an ideal trimmer.

Trimmers work in the way their names imply. They are equipments that utilize whirling plastic strings so that it can easily work to trim and cut weeds. Although, there are a number of plastic string textures and thickness, most the models can perform limited work and compliment certain types of requirements.

Basically, there are three types of string trimmers what suit certain types of tasks and enable customers to work on specific weeds. Following are the three kinds:

Cordless string trimmers

These types of trimmers are portable, durable and low priced. They are amazingly ideal for almost all types of trimming and edging requirements as they allow users to go wherever they want and work in the way they want. These trimmers are less expensive compared to gas operated trimmers.(Read more)

They are also environmentally friendly as they are powered by battery and let customers to even carry it to their desired place. These trimmers provide same mobility like you will find in gas powered models having benefits to overcome the dependency over fossil fuels. Latest models available in the market are rechargeable that allow users to recharge them whenever they want.

Since these trimmers are battery powered, light in weight and portable, they can effectively help to do basic weed and grass trimming tasks. Sometimes, users will have to take additional battery packs in order to ensure there will not be any hurdle during their task.

Corded string trimmers

Corded weed trimmers are usually less expensive as compared to cordless. The models are provided with less than three amperes power supply that is particularly ideal for small areas having normal weeds to edge or trim.

Versions available with three amperes power is usually strong enough to work on large areas however, do not work efficiently to cut the brush. The truth behind being called corded is that they always require access to electric outlets and contain a long cord to get power and work on the desired place.

Gas powered trimmers

This kind of trimmer is available with four cycle and 2 cycle models. The two-cycle gas powered trimmers have lots of power to work on normal as well as hard weeds. They can work on large yards as well. Most of the models feature separate throttle and choke controls in order to facilitate users with ease in operation.

The two-cycle engine string trimmers are especially suitable for people who wish to get more power within their affordable range. Some trimmers work with metallic blades and other types of attachments this making themselves versatile according to the customers’ needs and price charged.

You can use them to work on large areas for a comparatively shorter period of time. However, their use might seem to be daunting because they always need certain proportion of oil mixed with the gas.

Four cycle engine trimmers are declared to be actual power houses as they offer maximum strength to the users. They are good in looks, having large sizes and facility to reach any desired place. they operate on regular gas due to which, it is easier for most of the customers to buy and use them.

They run smoother as compared to two cycle engine trimmers and do not even produce much sound. These trimmers are versatile that consist of metallic blades for cutting.

After reading this complete buying guide, I am sure you would have got all the answer of your questions and now, it is recommended to immediately evaluate your needs, choose the best possible option and start trimming!

Steps to use string trimmers

String trimmers are among the powerful tools that work as per the requirements of their users-whether they want to trim grass or weeds and wish to edge sidewalks, driveways and areas around the fence. They are capable to certainly beat the hedge shears for edging and trimming.

Just like every other tool available in the market, the weed trimmers are available in three versions, consisting of battery powered cordless, electric corded and gas operated.

Every version needs to be handled with great care and if you are a novice and want to get some basic tips, then go ahead.

  1. Wear preventive clothing: It is the most essential thing to adopt while using a string trimmer. Since eyes are very delicate, you always have to wear protective glasses in order to avoid prevent them from potential damages. Even debris or small pieces of snapped line travelling with a speed of 200 or 300 MHP can cause serious injuries. Always dress yourself in heavy trousers instead of going with sandals or shorts as they will protect your legs from debris along with shoes made of steel soles and caps to avoid damages from nails, glass, metal or any other nasty item.
  2. Inspect area before trimming: Always check the surface of area you want to trim. Remove bits of metal, glass so that nothing can be caught by the trimmer’s line and your body will remain safe.
  3. Take care of the extension cords: Always be careful while dealing with an electric trimmer. Do not tangle with the cords because it might increase your hassle to work in the garden.
  4. Keep the bystanders safe: You should have to take care of people standing near you while trimmer is in operation. In this way, they will remain safe from debris flying in the air.

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