How to Fix the Recoil Spring on a Weed Eater

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Overgrown grass and weeds can make your yard appear neglected or unkempt.

The best way to control them is to keep the grass trimmed around your garden with a line trimmer. For the best choice, more information can be found here.

If your trimmer has problems starting, you may need to take a look at the recoil spring. To get to the spring, break your engine down and look inside to examine the condition of the spring.

#1 Check the Engine

Unscrew the engine bolts of the weed eater to get access to the recoil spring. Use a screw driver with the correct tip to take off the screws. Set the screws aside carefully, to reconnect them later.

Normally, it’s recommended to remove the spark plug, but this is optional. Disconnect the wires to work on the recoil spring.

#2 Look for the Coil Spring

Locate the metal clip that is set to the back of the spring. The clip is attached to a white circular component.

Release the coil spring from the white circular component and remove the metal circular ring that is there as well.

Now that you have the coil spring, you can start to recoil it. First, locate the two ends of the spring. One end will be u-shaped and the other o-shaped.

The two ends go in different directions. The u-shape end latches on to the side opening of the metal circular ring. The o-shape end goes into the side opening of the white circular ring.

#3 Rewind the Coil Spring

Start to wind the recoil spring inside the metal circular ring. Fasten the u-shape end into the side opening of the circular ring. Take your time and coil it evenly to avoid any kinks.

Next, attach the metal circular ring to the white circular ring. Make sure the o-shape end of the recoil spring inserts into the side slot of the white circular component. This structure is similar to a torque.

Turn the metal circular ring component of the torque in a clockwise direction to tighten it on to the recoil spring.

Pay attention to the rope that is attached to the white circular component that hangs outside the weed eater. It forms part of the torque that helps in starting the trimmer.

Pull the torque back inside the weed eater. As you pull, try not to let it go out of alignment.

#4 Troubleshoot

As a trial, pull the string outside of the machine to see whether it fits right. If it sprigs back immediately after release, the recoil spring is fixed correctly.

Reconnect the electrical wire you disconnected at the start. It is connected from the engine to the casing switch. Ensure you differentiate between the electrical wire and the ground wire.

Replace the casing into the engine and do not allow the torque to fall away. If the torque becomes loose, the recoil spring will release and you’ll have to do it all over again. Close engine and try to start it up.

Check to ensure the engine, torque and coil spring are working efficiently.

To ensure the weed eater continues to work, assemble the machine and reconnect the other components in the correct places in the trimmer.

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