Tips on Picking the Right Office Chair

A recent study carried out in South Africa found that a well made office chair can help reduce a worker’s back pain and increase his focus. The objective of this study was to highlight the importance of providing your office employees with high-quality chairs that can support their posture and also enhance their concentration. If you do not know which office chair is best for your employees below are tips to follow that will help you pick the right one for your staff.

Check on the lumbar support

Many office workers complain of back pains after sitting all day at work. An office chair that has lumbar support can help reduce this problem. Thus you should look for an office chair with this feature. Some lumbar designs have adjustable support allowing your employees fit their bodies on the seat comfortably.  Furthermore, you can find an office chair model with a firm control enabling the sturdiness or softness of the lumber support.

Choose a more adjustable seat

In addition to adjustable lumbar support, the seats you plan to purchase for your office workers should have various components they can easily alter to their body requirements. Everyone has a unique shape thus a standard arm length position, or chair height may help one but fail to support another. From the height, arm positioning and incline the best office chair has different adjustable features that enable a staff member to customize it to meet his physical requirement.

Breathability and comfort balancing

Fabric presents a discomfort problem to many office employees because some can make them feel too hot.  It is for this reason you should consider selecting a chair with a breathable fabric such as a mesh. However, while the chair’s back may provide this breathability, you should ensure that the seat will enable a steady flow of air and be comfortable. After all, to prevent aches and pains, a seat needs padding. However, some office chair designs do not have padded seat but still are comfortable to sit on for an extended period.

Option narrowing

Now that you’ve known what features to look for in an office chair, you can now narrow your search by looking for those with lumbar support, adjustability, breathability and comfort and choose from them.

Enquire for employee’s feedback

Supply your office staff with a list of office chairs you consider to purchase. Ask their thoughts of each chair they choose and why. The reason being they’ll be using them regularly.  They should be able to choose those that meet their needs.  Additionally, having a forum where they can provide their thoughts will help in ensuring their concerns have been heard.  Feedback from an employee does not have to direct your choice, but as you get a little insight as to what each employee needs it will help you make an informed decision.


With so many options available for office chairs.  Finding one that is right for your office employees may prove to be a difficult task. However, as you follow these tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and be able to choose office chairs that will be beneficial for healthiness and happiness of your staff.